My AR Girls Releases POV AR Sex, Blowjob And Solo Videos

Earlier this month, augmented reality adult studio officially launched with a selection of AR videos ready and waiting for your viewing pleasure.

For now, there are 7 scenes on the site including POV and solo. Using both iPhone and Android smartphones, users can stream the video of their choice and position the model in their physical surroundings.

Each video plays at 60 frames per second and users can stream up to 3 girls during one single session.

A co-founder of MY AR Girls had this to say:

Good News!!! We at wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we have finally been able to integrate our site with our credit card processing company, CCBill. What does this mean? It means that we are OPEN for business.

I believe we are the 1st AR Adult content company that can provide actual pay membership services for augmented reality porn.

We will be adding new tabs to our site for “How to use” the 123Merge App., as well as a “Store” tab for purchasing adult toys, AR/VR Goggles to list a few items.

For now, you can go on the 123merge website here for video instructions on how to use the app.

Here is a free teaser video to practice with. It shows 3 of our models. All you need to do is copy and paste this link into the app. The instructional video will show you how to do it. Really easy.

It has always been our goal to be “the first” company to make it to market while providing the user with a fantastic experience.

As previously mentioned, the 123merge app is where the magic happens. We are the only company to offer a true stereo AR view, among other special functions, which when used with AR/VR goggles allows the user to feel like the porn star is in the same room as the user or place the porn star between the user’s legs. A truly unique experience. It’s really an easy to use app. and website.

Looking forward to providing you all with great content in the near future. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Pornstars and scenes

MY AR Girls currently features 8 pornstars and webcam models. You can bust a nut over hot MILF Parker Swayze, or go for hot blonde teen Jeni Juice.

jeni juice, freya von doom, emily mena

There is a reasonable variety of performances in the small library of scenes like striptease, blowjob, dildo, and POV sex videos both indoors and outdoors. The company state that they aim to release 2-3 new scenes a week while expanding their library of virtual pornstars.

How to watch MY AR Girls videos

1. Register at and download the 123Merge app
2. Open the app and press the “plus” sign (+) at the top left-hand corner. (this will open the URL box
3. Copy the link for your chosen video from My AR Girls, then paste it in the URL box
4. Press ‘done’

Third Aurora Brings Bondage and Fetish Gear to Your Bedroom Using Augmented Reality

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about the idea of having a hot new sex swing installed in their bedroom where they can undergo their deepest desires? Or perhaps having a solid iron padlocked cage built in to their basement where they can lock up their naughty slave who’s in need of a long, harsh punishment? What’s been stopping you? Maybe you can’t decide from an online picture what’s the best toy for you? Or how it will look or fit in your desired location?

Well, thanks to a new AR app developed by Third Aurora, that no longer needs to be a worry. The app, named Every Single Sex Toy, allows users to browse through a catalogue of kinky adult toys. It then allows uses the view them in their homes using the latest augmented reality technology.


Users can view each life-sized item in 3D which means they can get a true idea of size and fitting. Using nothing more than a smartphone, they can walk around objects such as bondage cages, whips and chains and see them from each angle, giving them a complete feel of having these erotic objects in their homes.

Dave Chaffey, co-founder of Third Aurora says that the platform will be humorous for the consumer to begin with. He goes on to say:

Yes, there’s certainly been a lot of people giving it a go and some office banter about all the bits and pieces you can see. We’re expecting that at the start. But once the initial laughter dies down, watch this become a serious channel for commerce.

The app has been developed for both Iphone and Android devices meaning just about anybody can see what it like to have some high-end fetish gear positioned in their home.

Chaffey goes on to say:

Absolutely no doubt about it, for a certain percentage of the population, this will be a new platform for commerce, particularly when the size of the item and it’s exact position matters.

We believe that smartphone augmented reality will play a part in two to four percent of sales, across all industries, within five years. Its currently an untapped field.

Wanna try the app?

Download for Android

Download for IOS