Third Aurora Brings Bondage and Fetish Gear to Your Bedroom Using Augmented Reality

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about the idea of having a hot new sex swing installed in their bedroom where they can undergo their deepest desires? Or perhaps having a solid iron padlocked cage built in to their basement where they can lock up their naughty slave who’s in need of a long, harsh punishment? What’s been stopping you? Maybe you can’t decide from an online picture what’s the best toy for you? Or how it will look or fit in your desired location?

Well, thanks to a new AR app developed by Third Aurora, that no longer needs to be a worry. The app, named Every Single Sex Toy, allows users to browse through a catalogue of kinky adult toys. It then allows uses the view them in their homes using the latest augmented reality technology.


Users can view each life-sized item in 3D which means they can get a true idea of size and fitting. Using nothing more than a smartphone, they can walk around objects such as bondage cages, whips and chains and see them from each angle, giving them a complete feel of having these erotic objects in their homes.

Dave Chaffey, co-founder of Third Aurora says that the platform will be humorous for the consumer to begin with. He goes on to say:

Yes, there’s certainly been a lot of people giving it a go and some office banter about all the bits and pieces you can see. We’re expecting that at the start. But once the initial laughter dies down, watch this become a serious channel for commerce.

The app has been developed for both Iphone and Android devices meaning just about anybody can see what it like to have some high-end fetish gear positioned in their home.

Chaffey goes on to say:

Absolutely no doubt about it, for a certain percentage of the population, this will be a new platform for commerce, particularly when the size of the item and it’s exact position matters.

We believe that smartphone augmented reality will play a part in two to four percent of sales, across all industries, within five years. Its currently an untapped field.

Wanna try the app?

Download for Android

Download for IOS Increases List of Augmented Reality Sex Sites has been updated and now includes 20 AR porn sites. The website, which was launched in early 2018, makes finding augmented reality porn simple by listing all of their recommended sites on one page. You may have come across a similar style in the past with sites like The Porn Dude, but this is a first for AR porn.

Jack Walker, founder of said:

“Right now, AR porn is still in its infancy, and therefore content is very limited. I currently provide my visitors with a complete list of every augmented reality porn website and experience that I can find. As the industry grows and more content becomes available, I’ll be able to focus on building a list comprising of only the most popular sites out there.”

Due to augmented reality porn being in such early stages, Jack states that mainly consists of demo / beta apps and blog sites. However, the past year has seen the AR porn industry start to accelerate with some notable names taking their hands to AR.

Walker goes on to say:

“2019 is the year we can start to see some steady growth in the AR porn space. My aim is to be the number 1 source where visitors can come and find the best and most updated list of augmented reality porn on the web. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then feel free to check back soon when I have more recommendations for you”

see site

AR Conk – AR Sex Service Compatible With Android Smartphones

A new app has been released which gives users the change to experience some hot girls in AR. The app, named AR Conk is available now for Android smartphones.

The app was created by the guys behind succesful virtual reality porn site VR Bangers, as well as VR Conk. Right now AR Conk only has a demo version available which allows you to mess around with 2 different girls. One is a 3D chick and the other a 2D girl called Emily.

It’s pretty cool having the different options. One allows you to watch in 3D while you walk around her, checking out her ass and tits, and moving in closer. The other is a real-life recording of some slut in glasses who peforms a dirty show.

What’s more, the folks behind AR Conk say they’ll soon be including ‘sexy coaches’. The aim is to bring you a hot virtual girl that’ll help keep you in shape.

sexy coaches,ar conk

Adam Gecko, the owner of ARConk, said:

It is pretty refreshing to introduce something as the very first ones in the world, but we have paid for this success with a lot of hard work.

Together with guys from, we have managed to do something that many people kept dreaming about, and we are really proud of our innovation.

Naturally, we are aware that many companies had tried that in the past, but only succeeded with some animated AR porn – which means that our experience is the very first real AR porn in the history!

Compatible Devices

AR Conk is available on Android. But it can also be used with a Holokit device. This is essentially like Google Cardboard. Cheap but does the job.


The company have stated that they will work on having the app available on other devices too. What’s more, the software will be compatible with a Bluetooth mini controller so you can reposition your erotic hologram.

Find out more.

BadoinkVR Making AR Porn With Victoria Summers ?

Recently, Mixed Reality TV hooked up with virtual reality porn giants BadoinkVR. MR TV uploaded a video soon after, offering an insight in to BadoinkVR’s latest endeavours. The clip shows well known pornstar Victoria Summers posing in front of a group of camera-men.

So What?

While this is a typical day in the world of adult entertainment, and just one of hundreds of shoots featuring Victoria Summers. The footage captures the 27 year old shot in front of a green screen.

badoinkvr,victoria summers,ar porn

This gives reason to believe BadoinkVR are creating, or, at least experimenting with augmented reality porn. No announcement has been made, but it will be interesting to find out what the company have planned in the future.

Augmented Reality Sex Will be With ANYONE You Desire

Augmented reality sex is going to change the way we enjoy our most intimate pleasures. There’s no question about it. Adult film companies have already created videos showing AR 3D avatars of some of our most loved pornstars. In the not too distant future and with the use of devices such as HoloLens, Meta or Magicleap One. The technology will allow us to add just about any adult film star in to our environment. Gina Gerson, Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik, anyone of these gorgeous babes will be waiting on your bed, nude and horny whenever you want them to be.

Awesome, right? Just think though, we are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible with augmented reality sex. What about singers, actresses and reality TV stars? How about turning your most loved real celebrity sex tapes such as Paris Hilton’s 2004 fumble under the covers with Rick Salomon in to your very own reality? Celeb porn aside, what about that cute crush from college or that gorgeous work colleague? Or heading down the darker route, your hot step mom or sexy step sister?

The Scenario

You’ve just overlaid the most sexy hologram in your bedroom in preparation for some AR sex. Perfect body, the ideal rack that you desire. But it’s still not the girl you want. You wanted Katy Perry, Rihanna or Megan Fox, approaching you fully nude ready to engage in a 3D augmented reality sex experience. You wanted a roleplay session whereby you’re one of England’s princes, your armchair is your throne and Megan Markle and Kate Middleton are your sexy princesses. It’s probably fair to say that’s never going to happen in the real world. AR, on the other hand, will be capable of making these kinds of fantasies a complete an utter reality.

AI Faceswapping

Swapping faces with celebrities is nothing new. People have been submitting their nude celebrity photoshopped images for years. For those who are photoshop dummies. Apps like Celebrity Face Swap App have made the process as straight forward as hitting a button. But now, a new craze of swapping celebrities faces with pornstars in the form of videos have emerged. A group by the name of ‘Deepfakes’ appeared on Reddit in September 2017 and began submitting some controversial videos of celebs faces being manipulated on to the bodies of adult stars. Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams become the first victim in the subreddit r/CelebFakes.

Emma Watson,Deepfakes, Deep Fakes,Deepfake,nude,FakeApp,SexSoon after, Deepfakes fired up a new subreddit called r/deepfakes which was dedicated entirely to swapping celebrities faces with pornstars in video format. After releasing their algorithm to the public, the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kristen Bell, Daisy Ridley, Ariana Grande and Gal Gadot plus many others all became stars of their first internet sex movie. More recently. A deep fake video of Mila Kunis appeared online where she can be seen oiled up and masturbating on webcam. (Links in this paragraph are NSFW!)

A lot of these scenes are pretty damn convincing and the scary thing is, anybody with enough photos of their subject can do this. That means you too! Yeah, go and set your Instagram account to private before you find yourself starring in a video on the dark-net! Reddit shut down the subreddit after gaining widespread attention. The link to Deepfakes algorithm, however, remains very much alive. Complimentary with step by step instructions. Furthermore, an app has been released called FakeApp which requires no coding skill whatsoever. You just need to feed in a bunch of images and press a button.

Augmented Reality Deepfakes

Augmented reality will adopt this kind of exercise. Already, anybody who is a little tech savvy can create a 3D model of anyone’s face from their photos using photogrammetry software. Coupled with an app that’s readily available to anybody. It won’t be long before anybody with enough photos of their subject can turn an AR avatar in to the person they wish. One day, those naked celeb photoshopped photos you’ve been hunting down online will be replaced with 3D AR holograms. Your most desired dream girl can be walking around your bedroom fully nude. She will be capable of borrowing facial expressions from the original avatar. Smiling, moaning etc.

Voice Changing

With the addition of voice swapping to face changing, we can as a result consider ourselves as a humanity utterly screwed. Fake news will reach an entire new definition while revenge porn will reach new heights of twisted vengeance. But at least it’ll enhance adult entertainment for the classified selection of people who can’t get their fix from the endless selection of readily available adult movies… hmmm… Well, what did you expect really? There is a niche for everything in porno and when it comes to technology, sex is always leading the way. Toys to enhance the feeling of having augmented reality sex such as Fleshlight Vstroker are at the cutting edge while virtual reality demonstrates the power tech has in porn.

The demo above is a good example. The computer programme that makes this possible works by using machine learning / AI software. In this example, the system studied Donald Trump’s voice including the president’s choice of grammar and frequently used words and terms. In result, you have a pretty convincing imitation. Overtime, we will see it being used in all kinds of adult content. Videos, games. If you want to hear the voice of your most loved TV star or pop singer as she talk dirty to you then you can. And If it can be made for porno then someone will make it, that’s just a fact. Spongebob fucking sandy? Lisa on top of Bart? Scooby Doo having sex with Wilma? It’s all been done and AR will be no different. Soon, you may be having augmented reality sex with some of your most loved childhood cartoons! With voice included! Meh, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Lois from Family Guy anyway. Works out good for me.


So, technology might be getting a little crazy and potentially beyond our control. Take a look at ‘the world’s first cyborg’ Neil Harbisson. While we consider smartphones to be our number 1 source of internet, this dude has an antenna planted in his skull. An actual motherf%£&ing antenna that picks up Wi-Fi and sends signals to the brain. On top of that. AI specialist, engineers and programmers are creating artificially intelligent bots such as ‘Sophie the robot that can seemingly have human-like conversations with us mere mortals. We can as a result consider ourselves screwed. But every cloud has a silver lining. Augmented reality sex is going to be the single most incredible change to the adult industry with an unparalleled world of possibilities held in store. Be prepared for the future of porn and the future of technology as they consequently merge as one.

3D AR Sex Games – Heres Whats Coming (With Videos)

The conversations are heating up and questions about AR sex games continue to emerge in the world of augmented reality. What are they, when can I play one and what can I expect ? The popularity of adult sex games continues to rise year on year. Cartoon gaming characters such as D.Va from Overwatch and Misty from Pokemon are keeping hardcore players coming back for more. Virtual reality made it possible for users to take the game from a small, hand held mobile device to complete and utter immersion as they sit comfortably in their headset. Turning heads in all directions while being sucked in to a state of complete fantasy.

Smartphones such as Iphone X and platforms like ARKit are making augmented reality an ever more frequent term with the general population. As more people discover AR and the possibilities it holds. The more AR sex games becoming a part of our lives is being anticipated.

What Are AR Sex Games ?

AR Sex games are the combination of adult entertainment and augmented reality technology. As we have mentioned previously on this site, users will enjoy the satisfaction of bringing their erotic partner in to their own environment. that will be visible in the form of a 3D hologram.  Over time, she will increasingly become more adaptive to your surroundings. You’ve probably dabbled with the odd few online sex games here and there. Hit the screen and watch the lesbian chick go down on the other one. Tap quickly and sit back as your sexy hentai slut cum on your face. Personally, I was never a big fan this type of gaming, there’s just not enough immersion. Then, VR arrived and started making things interesting.

3DXchat for example was one of the first to hit virtual reality and still to this day remains as one of the best sex games available. You can customize your avatar, select different scenes and locations. Even engage in your virtual activities with other players. Most of all, the game enables you to connect popular sex toy ‘Fleshlight’ so you can enjoy the experience to its fullest.

What To Expect ?

As big a transformation as this was to adult gaming, 3D AR sex games will be offering a whole lot more. You will experience interactive play like never before as you admire your fuck buddy clambering over your bed. You will able to see as she physically move around your room. Pose, dance, bend over the edge of your mattress as she beg for a spank. Developers will be aiming to make the playing experience hands free. Voice control will play a major roll. Meaning, users will be commanding their character or avatar with nothing more than the use of speech. Imagine the satisfaction of telling her to spread those tight ass cheeks and she just happily does whatever you say ? This will come in time. And with the addition of compatible toys, you will experience your sexual desires on an entire new level.

In the future, artificial intelligence will become a feature in porno. You may have heard about Sophie the robot. She is an artificially intelligent bot, programmed to have intelligent conversations with humans. It’s pretty incredible to watch her in action. Not that you should expect this kind of advanced tech adopted by porn just yet. However, it is an example of where the world is currently at with AI technology and what we can expect to see in the future of adult entertainment.

When Will AR Sex Games be Released ?


We can expect to see the first augmented reality sex games to be released on mobile and smartphone later in 2018. Recently, a few small studios have started to emerge that have been experimenting with AR porn.  A start-up by the name of CamasutraVR unveiled their take on AR last month. They began submitting some short clips of well known pornstar Casey Calvert as a computer graphics avatar. In the video she’s seen sucking dick in a real-world public place. These guys have dabbled in Virtual reality gaming already after releasing VR Brothel earlier this year (shown in pic) so we can have high expectations that they’ll deliver some quality AR content at some point during 2018.

A brand new studio by the name of 3D Holo Girlfriend aim to bring custom augmented reality girlfriends in to the real world environment. Naughty America recently announced an app they have developed where you can project pornstars in to the real-world. AR Kanojo (sister site of VR Kanojo) also uploaded a video of their Japanese teen girl hologram where she can be seen moving, walking, talking and interacting.

The tech is almost in place for AR sex games and apps to begin emerging. If we don’t see the first real releases in 2018, then early the following year for sure. Expect limited functions and capabilities while the tech is still new. However, most will be free to play and enjoy while developers get to grips with AR technology.