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Augmented Reality / AR Sex Toys – What to Expect

Augmented Reality / AR Sex Toys – What to Expect

Whether you’re a tech head or not. Both men and women alike can appreciate the impact technology is having on the porn industry. Augmented reality is soon going to allow us to bring a life-like interactive human 3D hologram in to our real-world environment to be used for our sexual pleasures. As great as it’s gonna be, the addition of AR sex toys is what will take the experience from incredible to unbelievable. ‘Seeing’ is only one factor. For a truly satisfying session, all our senses need to be engaged. We need to connect on a passionate level physically, emotionally and mentally. How much better would it be if you could grope her body, feel her motion and smell her sweet scent? In the not too distant future, AR sex toys will make this happen.

Synchronized AR Sex Toys

Augmented reality sex toys that work in sync will be the norm. User’s will enjoy the experience of having sex with a hologram while the toys respond accordingly do the movements she is making.

Adult film and entertainment are increasingly adopting tech in to their products and services. The revolution came when Lovsense introduced ‘Max’ for him and ‘Nora’ for her. These devices brought synchronization for the first time that could be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. After partnering with Virtual Real Porn. Anybody that owned one of these accessories could connect it with a compatible adult VR movie and enjoy interactive sex as the smart toys would automatically respond with the movements he or she is making. Companies have since brought out apps and devices for couples so they can synchronize their sex toys from anywhere in the world where there is internet.

AR sex toys will work in a very similar way. You’ve probably heard of Fleshlight Vstroker.

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Currently, this handy little device is the most popular toy on the market due to its advanced system and the realistic experience it offers. Users can enjoy having sex with the girl on their screen will the Vstroker works in sync. Fleshlight is just one example of adult toy retailer that has shown how porn being at the cutting edge of technology.

Augmented Reality Touch Gloves

Augmented reality touch gloves are becoming a thing. You may have heard about a start-up from Seattle going by the name of ‘HaptX‘. In 2012, they began working on a unique device that will bring an entire new element to adult entertainment. The HaptX glove was developed using motion tracking and microfluidic technology which allows users to literally feel the virtual object they are seeing. The company has demonstrated the glove in the video by touching a car, playing a piano. You can see the woman’s reaction has her finger come in to contact with a miniature fox.

What you can see is a big, bulky and ugly design. However, the glove is still in it’s development phase. What it does demonstrate is that the technology to ‘feel’ the body of a pornstar isn’t just possible. But, it’s actually going to happen. We can expect consumer versions of the HaptX glove and other similar devices to be far more comfortable and practical in the future.

Smell Masks

There are other fairly niche products that aim to aid an extra element to our virtual sexual experiences. Camsoda has developed a product that adds the sense of smell. The name is ‘Ohroma’. OHROMA,SMELL MASK,At first glance it looks like a miniature gas mark. Each side has a canister fitted that can be changed according to the smell you desire. They have also created an app where one touch of the screen and aromas can be changed almost instantly. It would take some convincing for me personally to strap one of these to my face. Never the less. A clever idea and I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people who want the personal smell of their favorite pornstar to enhance the experience.

When Will AR Sex Toys Be Released?

Adult entertainment has increasingly become more tech based in recent years and sex toy manufacturers are quick to jump on board. Max and Nora for example went in to development in 2015, before VR porn videos had even been introduced to the public. They were then released almost immediately the following year when Virtual Real Porn began uploading their first batch of videos. We can expect some AR porn tasters to be released later in 2018. Whether or not AR sex toys are released at this time is unclear as augmented reality porno will be primarily based on smartphone. Adult toy companies may decide to start unveiling products once AR glasses become more readily available for consumers.

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