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My AR Girls – New Augmented Reality Sex Site

We have stated previously on this site that 2018 will be the year that AR porn would start emerging from the technological stratosphere. We’ve seen various examples demonstrating where we’re currently it in terms of augmented reality adult entertainment. However, a growing, and promising looking site,, may be the next frontier in adult AR pleasure.

Who is MyARGirls ?

MyARGirls initially appeared online in 2016. While the technology was not quite there back then. The guys behind My AR Girls begun preparing for what’s undeniably the future of XXX entertainment.

MYARGIRLS,STRIPTEASE,AR PORNWe’ve been checking out the MyARGirls site and we’re happy to report that everything appears very hopeful indeed. The girls are incredibly juicy. Those include the likes of busty blonde MILF Parker Swayze (pictured below), cute hottie Jeni Juice, gorgeous brunette Kelsi Monroe, plus a bunch of other sexy pornstars whose company we can look forward to being in the presence of. Currently there are a total of 8 hot and horny ladies listed on the site. However, My AR Girls state that they’re in the process of developing 30+ AR girls to be used in any way you desire.

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This video demonstrates what’s in store for

123Merge App

MyARGirls have made the experience possible by using an AR player app called ‘123Merge’. While the app wasn’t initially designed for porn. 123Merge are satisfied with their newly developed app to be used for such purposes. The application comes with all the features needed to make augmented reality porn possible and MyARGirls aren’t passing up this opportunity.

We can best describe the 123Merge app as fricken awesome! We had the pleasure of testing it out and were blown away with the capabilities and potential of this technological innovation. The application allows us to take multiple augmented objects and videos, while blasting them around the room simultaneously. The first of its kind. Just imagine the possibilities this holds for porn. Why just be content with 1 sexy babe grinding her ass in your face when you can have multiple stunning ladies of your choice? You can have them positioned exactly where you want them in your physical surroundings, enjoying your very own custom sexual paradise. The possibilities and variations of how we can enjoy the AR porn experience will be quite literally endless!

Go on, test the app it for yourself. 123Merge have currently made the app completely free. You can download it on the Apple store and use it on Google cardboard passthrough. The only downfall is it doesn’t work for 3D objects. However, in the age of 3D, we’re confident it won’t be too long before we’ll be soaking up the satisfaction of 3-dimensional babes dancing around our rooms and getting some pulses racing.

Now, back to MyARGirls

The site is still under development but does offer some insights of what we can expect. As mentioned above with the 123Merge application. Users can have multiple objects / videos playing at the same time relative to your physical surroundings. However, as an extra feature, My AR Girls state that we’ll also be able to stream videos, plus have live cam girls performing at the same time!

123Merge and are both smartphone and augmented reality technology improvements. They highlight sexy girls in video, being shown on a wireless screen. Or, if you prefer, on your VR Headset.

Prices and subscription packages are very similar to that of many of premium porn sites.

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A 3 day pass at at $3.00 offers mobile streaming and 1 free download

A 1-month pass at $24.95 offers unlimited streaming, unlimited downloads, plus a Google Cardboard headset

A 1-year pass offers all the benefits of the monthly subscription but at a reduced cost of $5.95 per month.

As the site is under development, MyARGirls aren’t yet accepting payments. They will however be releasing a free trial at some point in the future.


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