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What Is AR Sex ?

What Is AR Sex And When Will It Be Possible ?

AR sex stands for augmented reality. Reality’ being the world around us. ‘Augmented’ is the addition of a computer generated hologram that’s implemented in to the real world environment. This technology allows users to enjoy sexual fantasies in the comfort of their own surroundings. One of the hottest questions in tech right now is when will AR sex become available. Technology is moving at its fastest rate ever meaning AR sex games and applications will be available to download sooner than some people may think.

Naughty America recently announced an app that allows you to hangout with pornstars and it’s already possible to download a virtual girlfriend who can be added to the real world. You can use her for however you wish. Which, in theory, means AR sex is already available. With giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Snapchat heavily exploring augmented reality. Developments of AR tech will move quickly and the term AR sex will become increasingly more common.

How Does AR Sex Work ?

You will enjoy Augmented reality sex using AR glasses. You will position your headset and load up the partner of their choice in the form of a computer generated hologram. The surroundings remain the same and your CGI partner is visible to you only via your AR headset. Companies will look to introduce object, voice and human recognition. Bringing an entire new level of pleasure and satisfaction to adult entertainment. There are currently products on the market and in development that will aid AR sex in it’s quest to create ultimate immersion and realism.

Difference Between AR Sex And VR Sex ?

VR changed the world of pornography forever. It brought Immersion, passion and the ability to experience sexual fantasies with some of the sexiest girls in the world. It took porno as a show for spectators and turned it in to a game for players that anybody with a compatible headset could take part in. So how is VR and AR sex different ?

In virtual reality, a users enjoys their desires in a fabricated world. It is an artificial environment that immerses a user. It is presented is such a way that a user believes and accepts it as real. One of the advantages is users can experience their sexual desires in a seemingly endless choice of lavish locations.

With AR, users continues to be in touch with the real world. Augmented reality sex is enjoyed with a computer generated hologram that has been implemented in to the real world surroundings. Some of the benefits of AR sex include more freedom, less restrictions and an overall more realistic experience.

Is AR sex the future of adult entertainment ?

AR sex a long with it’s close buddy VR are the future of the adult industry. The two fields offer everything that 2 dimensional porn never could. Immersion, interaction, passion. Everything required for a realistic and gratifying experience. It’s going to be an exciting future for adult film with a great deal of new developments that are going to sweep the market.