3D Holo Girlfriend Introduces AI and Voice Features

The leader of AR sex and girlfriend experiences, 3D Holo Girlfriend have added more features to their software. The company have released a Beta version of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for its industry leading Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality app called 3D Holo Girlfriend. 

This comes shortly after the company included features that allow its models to be put in a variety of different positions and perform tasks such as giving blowjobs. 

3d holo girlfriend

The new AI feature allows the user to interact with any of the sites 16 holographic models via the user’s microphone and speakers. As the user base continues to grow the training data feedback loop will allow the conversations to continue to improve in quality and realness as the AI model grows. 

AI and voice interaction are something adult entertainment consumers have been waiting for. 3D Holo Girlfriend is making science fiction a reality with hologram girls you can chat with wherever you want. This could change human and computer relationships forever. 

About 3D Holo Girlfriend 

3D Holo Girlfriend appeared at the start of 2018 with a selection of three girls on the site. The company has since expanded with more girls and features. They have introduced a wide variety of models that cater for the needs of just about everybody. Now, with the incorporation of AI, things look like they may hit a whole new level. 

Here’s what founder and CEO Greg Partin has to say: 

Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality is the future of entertainment.

We are very excited to be leading this technological evolution. We have seen our customer base grow rapidly since announcing our first 3 models in March so the market demand is picking up. With the release of Magic Leap One this fall and Microsoft’s Hololens 3.0 due out next year the AR HMD market is also picking up steam. This will allow us to continue to grow revenue and spend on the R & D needed to continue leading the market. 

You can sign up for a free trial at https://www.3dhologirlfriend.com

Contact investor relations at ir@3dhologroup.com

Naughty America Releases Free AR Sex App For Android

The much-anticipated Naughty America AR app is now available for AR enabled Android smartphones.

About the App 

If you love porn, you will have heard about Naughty America. They are one of the highest-rated companies in the industry. They entered the VR market very early on and remain one of the best in the business so the release of Naughty America AR has been creating a massive buzz. The app uses Google ARcore which enabled life-sized 3D pornstars to be projected in to the user’s physical environment. Each model comes with a 3-4 second teaser and feature the likes of as Stephanie West, Alexa Grace and Johnny Castle. The augmented reality sex app is free to download and can used on android devices. Naughty America have included a paid version which comes with fully naked models to be used for you pleasure.

naughty america,naughty america ar,ar sex,augmented reality sex

At the moment the features are quite basic. However, CEO of Naughty America said in a recent interview that the application will enable users to create their very own custom AR Sex videos at home. He believes AR is the future and states that they will create longer videos if the public ask for it.

Download Instructions

  1. Download the Naughty America AR app for Android.
  2. Open the Naughty America AR APK file on your device and launch it.
  3. Make sure to give the app access to your device’s camera.
  4. Move your device around until it detects a surface on which to place a model. Once a surface is detected, a white or red grid will appear. *TIP: Flat surfaces such as floors, tables and beds often work best, along with well-lit environments.)
  5. Scroll left and right to explore our library of interactive models, then drag the thumbnail of your choice onto the grid.
  6. Once your thumbnail of choice is in place, explore your models! Walk up to them, around them, and press the play button to experience them. Make sure your audio is turned up!
  7. As you explore your holograms, feel free to click the camera or video buttons to take a snapshot or record a video. Save and share your creations!
  8. To choose a new hologram, clear your surface by pressing the trash button.
  9. Take your models anywhere with you, and have fun!

AR Conk – AR Sex Service Compatible With Android Smartphones

A new app has been released which gives users the change to experience some hot girls in AR. The app, named AR Conk is available now for Android smartphones.

The app was created by the guys behind succesful virtual reality porn site VR Bangers, as well as VR Conk. Right now AR Conk only has a demo version available which allows you to mess around with 2 different girls. One is a 3D chick and the other a 2D girl called Emily.

It’s pretty cool having the different options. One allows you to watch in 3D while you walk around her, checking out her ass and tits, and moving in closer. The other is a real-life recording of some slut in glasses who peforms a dirty show.

What’s more, the folks behind AR Conk say they’ll soon be including ‘sexy coaches’. The aim is to bring you a hot virtual girl that’ll help keep you in shape.

sexy coaches,ar conk

Adam Gecko, the owner of ARConk, said:

It is pretty refreshing to introduce something as the very first ones in the world, but we have paid for this success with a lot of hard work.

Together with guys from Laidhub.com, we have managed to do something that many people kept dreaming about, and we are really proud of our innovation.

Naturally, we are aware that many companies had tried that in the past, but only succeeded with some animated AR porn – which means that our experience is the very first real AR porn in the history!

Compatible Devices

AR Conk is available on Android. But it can also be used with a Holokit device. This is essentially like Google Cardboard. Cheap but does the job.


The company have stated that they will work on having the app available on other devices too. What’s more, the software will be compatible with a Bluetooth mini controller so you can reposition your erotic hologram.

Find out more.

My AR Girls – New Augmented Reality Sex Site

We have stated previously on this site that 2018 will be the year that AR porn would start emerging from the technological stratosphere. We’ve seen various examples demonstrating where we’re currently it in terms of augmented reality adult entertainment. However, a growing, and promising looking site, MyARGirls.com, may be the next frontier in adult AR pleasure.

Who is MyARGirls ?

MyARGirls initially appeared online in 2016. While the technology was not quite there back then. The guys behind My AR Girls begun preparing for what’s undeniably the future of XXX entertainment.

MYARGIRLS,STRIPTEASE,AR PORNWe’ve been checking out the MyARGirls site and we’re happy to report that everything appears very hopeful indeed. The girls are incredibly juicy. Those include the likes of busty blonde MILF Parker Swayze (pictured below), cute hottie Jeni Juice, gorgeous brunette Kelsi Monroe, plus a bunch of other sexy pornstars whose company we can look forward to being in the presence of. Currently there are a total of 8 hot and horny ladies listed on the site. However, My AR Girls state that they’re in the process of developing 30+ AR girls to be used in any way you desire.

parker swayze,ar porn,green screen

This video demonstrates what’s in store for MyARGirls.com

123Merge App

MyARGirls have made the experience possible by using an AR player app called ‘123Merge’. While the app wasn’t initially designed for porn. 123Merge are satisfied with their newly developed app to be used for such purposes. The application comes with all the features needed to make augmented reality porn possible and MyARGirls aren’t passing up this opportunity.

We can best describe the 123Merge app as fricken awesome! We had the pleasure of testing it out and were blown away with the capabilities and potential of this technological innovation. The application allows us to take multiple augmented objects and videos, while blasting them around the room simultaneously. The first of its kind. Just imagine the possibilities this holds for porn. Why just be content with 1 sexy babe grinding her ass in your face when you can have multiple stunning ladies of your choice? You can have them positioned exactly where you want them in your physical surroundings, enjoying your very own custom sexual paradise. The possibilities and variations of how we can enjoy the AR porn experience will be quite literally endless!

Go on, test the app it for yourself. 123Merge have currently made the app completely free. You can download it on the Apple store and use it on Google cardboard passthrough. The only downfall is it doesn’t work for 3D objects. However, in the age of 3D, we’re confident it won’t be too long before we’ll be soaking up the satisfaction of 3-dimensional babes dancing around our rooms and getting some pulses racing.

Now, back to MyARGirls

The site is still under development but does offer some insights of what we can expect. As mentioned above with the 123Merge application. Users can have multiple objects / videos playing at the same time relative to your physical surroundings. However, as an extra feature, My AR Girls state that we’ll also be able to stream videos, plus have live cam girls performing at the same time!

123Merge and Myargirls.com are both smartphone and augmented reality technology improvements. They highlight sexy girls in video, being shown on a wireless screen. Or, if you prefer, on your VR Headset.

Prices and subscription packages are very similar to that of many of premium porn sites.

myargirls,prices,subscription,ar porn

A 3 day pass at at $3.00 offers mobile streaming and 1 free download

A 1-month pass at $24.95 offers unlimited streaming, unlimited downloads, plus a Google Cardboard headset

A 1-year pass offers all the benefits of the monthly subscription but at a reduced cost of $5.95 per month.

As the site is under development, MyARGirls aren’t yet accepting payments. They will however be releasing a free trial at some point in the future.

Source: http://www.arporntube.com/

Big Boobs Hentai AR Sex Video – New Release!

Just a quick upload today of a hot AR sex video with a juicy hentai girl. Look at them big tits jiggle!

Who Made This Hentai Video ?

The AR hentai video was uploaded by the creator of XXX Simulator VR. It Seems like the popular game maker is dipping his toes in the world of augmented reality. I am confident there’s more to come!

BadoinkVR Making AR Porn With Victoria Summers ?

Recently, Mixed Reality TV hooked up with virtual reality porn giants BadoinkVR. MR TV uploaded a video soon after, offering an insight in to BadoinkVR’s latest endeavours. The clip shows well known pornstar Victoria Summers posing in front of a group of camera-men.

So What?

While this is a typical day in the world of adult entertainment, and just one of hundreds of shoots featuring Victoria Summers. The footage captures the 27 year old shot in front of a green screen.

badoinkvr,victoria summers,ar porn

This gives reason to believe BadoinkVR are creating, or, at least experimenting with augmented reality porn. No announcement has been made, but it will be interesting to find out what the company have planned in the future.