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Augmented Reality Sex Will be With ANYONE You Desire

Augmented reality sex is going to change the way we enjoy our most intimate pleasures. There’s no question about it. Adult film companies have already created videos showing AR 3D avatars of some of our most loved pornstars. In the not too distant future and with the use of devices such as HoloLens, Meta or Magicleap One. The technology will allow us to add just about any adult film star in to our environment. Gina Gerson, Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik, anyone of these gorgeous babes will be waiting on your bed, nude and horny whenever you want them to be.

Awesome, right? Just think though, we are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible with augmented reality sex. What about singers, actresses and reality TV stars? How about turning your most loved real celebrity sex tapes such as Paris Hilton’s 2004 fumble under the covers with Rick Salomon in to your very own reality? Celeb porn aside, what about that cute crush from college or that gorgeous work colleague? Or heading down the darker route, your hot step mom or sexy step sister?

The Scenario

You’ve just overlaid the most sexy hologram in your bedroom in preparation for some AR sex. Perfect body, the ideal rack that you desire. But it’s still not the girl you want. You wanted Katy Perry, Rihanna or Megan Fox, approaching you fully nude ready to engage in a 3D augmented reality sex experience. You wanted a roleplay session whereby you’re one of England’s princes, your armchair is your throne and Megan Markle and Kate Middleton are your sexy princesses. It’s probably fair to say that’s never going to happen in the real world. AR, on the other hand, will be capable of making these kinds of fantasies a complete an utter reality.

AI Faceswapping

Swapping faces with celebrities is nothing new. People have been submitting their nude celebrity photoshopped images for years. For those who are photoshop dummies. Apps like Celebrity Face Swap App have made the process as straight forward as hitting a button. But now, a new craze of swapping celebrities faces with pornstars in the form of videos have emerged. A group by the name of ‘Deepfakes’ appeared on Reddit in September 2017 and began submitting some controversial videos of celebs faces being manipulated on to the bodies of adult stars. Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams become the first victim in the subreddit r/CelebFakes.

Emma Watson,Deepfakes, Deep Fakes,Deepfake,nude,FakeApp,SexSoon after, Deepfakes fired up a new subreddit called r/deepfakes which was dedicated entirely to swapping celebrities faces with pornstars in video format. After releasing their algorithm to the public, the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kristen Bell, Daisy Ridley, Ariana Grande and Gal Gadot plus many others all became stars of their first internet sex movie. More recently. A deep fake video of Mila Kunis appeared online where she can be seen oiled up and masturbating on webcam. (Links in this paragraph are NSFW!)

A lot of these scenes are pretty damn convincing and the scary thing is, anybody with enough photos of their subject can do this. That means you too! Yeah, go and set your Instagram account to private before you find yourself starring in a video on the dark-net! Reddit shut down the subreddit after gaining widespread attention. The link to Deepfakes algorithm, however, remains very much alive. Complimentary with step by step instructions. Furthermore, an app has been released called FakeApp which requires no coding skill whatsoever. You just need to feed in a bunch of images and press a button.

Augmented Reality Deepfakes

Augmented reality will adopt this kind of exercise. Already, anybody who is a little tech savvy can create a 3D model of anyone’s face from their photos using photogrammetry software. Coupled with an app that’s readily available to anybody. It won’t be long before anybody with enough photos of their subject can turn an AR avatar in to the person they wish. One day, those naked celeb photoshopped photos you’ve been hunting down online will be replaced with 3D AR holograms. Your most desired dream girl can be walking around your bedroom fully nude. She will be capable of borrowing facial expressions from the original avatar. Smiling, moaning etc.

Voice Changing

With the addition of voice swapping to face changing, we can as a result consider ourselves as a humanity utterly screwed. Fake news will reach an entire new definition while revenge porn will reach new heights of twisted vengeance. But at least it’ll enhance adult entertainment for the classified selection of people who can’t get their fix from the endless selection of readily available adult movies… hmmm… Well, what did you expect really? There is a niche for everything in porno and when it comes to technology, sex is always leading the way. Toys to enhance the feeling of having augmented reality sex such as Fleshlight Vstroker are at the cutting edge while virtual reality demonstrates the power tech has in porn.

The demo above is a good example. The computer programme that makes this possible works by using machine learning / AI software. In this example, the system studied Donald Trump’s voice including the president’s choice of grammar and frequently used words and terms. In result, you have a pretty convincing imitation. Overtime, we will see it being used in all kinds of adult content. Videos, games. If you want to hear the voice of your most loved TV star or pop singer as she talk dirty to you then you can. And If it can be made for porno then someone will make it, that’s just a fact. Spongebob fucking sandy? Lisa on top of Bart? Scooby Doo having sex with Wilma? It’s all been done and AR will be no different. Soon, you may be having augmented reality sex with some of your most loved childhood cartoons! With voice included! Meh, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Lois from Family Guy anyway. Works out good for me.


So, technology might be getting a little crazy and potentially beyond our control. Take a look at ‘the world’s first cyborg’ Neil Harbisson. While we consider smartphones to be our number 1 source of internet, this dude has an antenna planted in his skull. An actual motherf%£&ing antenna that picks up Wi-Fi and sends signals to the brain. On top of that. AI specialist, engineers and programmers are creating artificially intelligent bots such as ‘Sophie the robot that can seemingly have human-like conversations with us mere mortals. We can as a result consider ourselves screwed. But every cloud has a silver lining. Augmented reality sex is going to be the single most incredible change to the adult industry with an unparalleled world of possibilities held in store. Be prepared for the future of porn and the future of technology as they consequently merge as one.

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